Evening with Siani Birmingham on 15th February 2003

Diary Report By Yvonne Scott

I must admit that I'd been looking forward to this event ever since I'd purchased my ticket two and a half weeks beforehand. The Coach arrived at the South London pick up point on time and we headed for the North London to collect the rest of people. The journey was somewhat delayed due to the march against war taking place in central London.

We eventually got to North London where people began to board. They were considerably understanding considering they had to wait a long time in the cold. We started the journey with a prayer and the journey up the M1 and M6 to Birmingham began.

I didn't’t know many people on the coach but that didn't’t last long as made conversation with the pair to my right. Before long the D & P staff started serving food. When they said there would be light refreshments on the coach, I didn't think it would include jerk chicken, coleslaw, bread, fritters and drinks. This was a pleasant surprise and went down a treat. The coach was buzzing as people talked joked and laughed. Even the driver was cracking jokes.

As we came off the M6, someone began singing praise and worship songs and before long, the majority of the coach joined in.

We were on a spiritual high when we got off the coach and entry the Clarenden Suites. We were greeted in the lobby area and escorted to our priority seats which had been reserved for us. The place was packed. DJ Zorro was playing the music and people were on their feet dancing as the tracks were being dropped. This was before the show even began and I knew
that I was in for a good night.

'Appointed' came up first and completed a high energy set. 'K.M.A. Reveal and Co2' followed with their ministry in rap. 'Cie' (who I crowned as UK’s Aretha Franklin) then set the place on fire with her performance. I had already got my monies worth by that stage, but there was alot more.
Watchman and Witness performed and blessed us with their powerful Ragga
ministries displaying supreme lyrical skill and content.

Ruach Youth Dance Team then displayed fancy footwork and Birmingham’s 4 Real also performed before Siani came on stage performing popular tracks like ‘We Aint Got No’, ‘Missing You’ and their signature track ‘Holy’.

Next came the interview with Nikki Tapper and the collaborations. Siani
performed tracks with Watchman, Miss Cherokee, Kyra and Nu Life. They also
invited their cousin Shaneeka up to do a track. What became apparent was
the unity. Although it was an Evening with Siani, all the acts came up and
did their thing and the crowd was behind every one of them. I’ve been to events where everything is geared towards the main act or it’s clear that the acts that perform are fighting for the number one spot. It was clear to me that although everyone came with a spirit of excellence, all artiste came together with a united front to magnify Christ.

One of the highlights for me was when Siani paid homage to the legendary Clark Sisters and performed
'You Brought The Sunshine'. The place was on fire and it reminded me of a
concert back in the day where the atmosphere was electrifying and whole
crowd were on their feet singing out the song in one voice as he music cut.

There was a lot to get through and the event did run over time but despite this, the coach driver was extremely accommodating, and didn't rush us to

The only regret I had was that there was no after party. After that experience I was charged and ready to partaay! Maybe it’s a good thing they
didn't hold one as I don’t know how I would have made my way back to

Anyway, on the return journey the D&P staff gave us even more hospitality by serving up hot drinks and biscuits which again was most welcomed as I'd used up bags of energy on the night.

The service on the coach was impeccable and me and my friend couldn't stop thanking the staff as we were getting off the coach back at Brixton.

I had a great time and all for £20!! Although I was told that the £20 included the return coach fee to Birmingham; light on board refreshments; entry to the venue and priority seating, I was very dubious about the price and thought there was a catch somewhere and that they’d somehow get another £15 or £20 from me somewhere along the line. But they didn't.

I don’t know how the organisers managed to get the cream of UK gospel under one roof at the same and were able to charge such a low price. I make NO complaints, however, and look forward to many many more such events!!



Siani burst onto the UK Gospel scene only 8 months ago and since then they have established themselves as one of the leading gospel acts on the UK scene at present.

Siani have been dubbed best new comers and one of UK's most hardworking groups. The girls have travelled extensively touring with their live band and performing Live PA's at all the key major UK cities including Sheffield, Derby, Manchester, Southport, Leicester, Birmingham, London, Great Yarmouth and this list goes on.

Not only have Siani been embraced by those within the gospel circle, they have gained wide recognition from mainstream DJs such as Bigger, Steve Wren and Hurdle white.

In the past few months Siani have had television appearance on Channel 5, VH1 and the God Channel.

Siani's forthcoming 2nd single is due for release on 25th February 2002. The CD will be available at all Wesley and Owen bookshops up and down the country and you will be able to log onto their website (www.sianimusic.com) to ascertain your nearest stockist.

The second single has a mammoth remix by the infamous Linslee Campell who has produced and remixed for both English and US acts including Dru Hill, The Lighthouse Family and Damage, to name but a few. There are other remixes including an Ol' School remix by Miss Cherokee who also remixed on the 1st single too. As well as a hot Garage track, Adrian Mckenzie and Whiteboy have also remixed and produced on the single.

You get 5 tracks, yes 5 tracks on the single and we guarantee there is something to suit most peoples needs.

PRESS RELEASE 10 - November 2001

Siani performed alongside Omar and Wayne William (former member of 'Another Level') at the star studded Executive Professionals Network (The EPN) 'Men of Merit' event on 24th November 2001.

Siani performed the Miss Cherokee remix to their second single Missing U, to over 700 guests which included celebrities Moira Stewart, Audley Harrison, David Harewood and John Barnes who all commended the girls' performance.

The EPN staged this event to highlight achievement of Black Men within our community and our very own Revd Basil Mead was awarded for his outstanding achievements over the years. This event supported the Cancer Black Care charity.

PRESS RELEASE 9 - 8th Novemebr 2001

Siani played host to Southport's 30th soul weekender.

The event drew a crowd of 6000 people this time and was yet another huge success.

Siani appeared on the Saturday of the event and performed the Miss Cherokee remix of 'We Aint Got No…' followed by the Linslee Campbell remix of 'Missing U' which is the second single, available to the public early next year.

The girls performed in front of some of UK's top DJ's including Bigger and Steve Wren who gave both remixes a firm thumbs up.

The girls gave a solid performance, and were well received by the crowd who moved and grooved to the music.

The girls were pleased at the crowd response and indeed the response from highly respected figures within the music industry. They commented that the positive reaction to the tracks made all the hard work seem worthwhile and were happy that quality gospel music is now widely accepted across the board.

PRESS RELEASE 8 - 30th October 2001

Having done the Caister weekender in Great Yarmouth earlier this year, Siani now take Gospel Music to the Southport Weekender this coming Saturday.

This is the 29th weekender and Siani will perform to over 5000 people and over 200 of the worlds finest DJ's.

PRESS RELEASE 7 - 8th October 2001

Siani are pleased that they have been given this platform to take Gospel music to UK's number one Soulful Weekender.

Siani have just returned from Holland having played host to one of Amsterdams most prestigious night clubs.

They performed a 40 minute set to a capacity 600 crowd whose response was overwhelming.

The notorious DJ Influence controlled the wheels of steel and had the club rocking until the evening came to a close.

The girls were pleased with the way things went and were thankful that God had taken them to share the good news in yet another territory, making that three so far this year.

PRESS RELEASE 6 - 11th September 2001

Siani burst onto the Gospel arena without warning in May this year with their debut single 'We Aint Got No'.

Since then Siani have been moving forward at a rapid rate, appearing on television and performing live PA's up and down the country. They also supported one of their all time inspirations, Donnie McClurkin at his London concert as well as touring South Africa early this year.

Siani have been dubbed as UK's hottest newcomers and although they will play this down when asked, they undoubtedly are. They have gained accolades from the likes of DJ Bigger, Seanny G, Kirk Anthony, Dave P, Grantly, Charmaine Noble and the list goes on.

Siani have returned to the studio where they have been working with UK's top remixer, Lindsley Campbell on what has been described as a 'monster' track. The follow up single entitled 'Missin U' will break in October and will feature additional remixes from top UK producers Miss Cherokee, Adrian McKenzie and Patrick White.

If you were excited about the first single then prepare to blown away by the follow up. This one is set to take the UK by storm!

PRESS RELEASE 5 - 20th July 2001

Siani performed admirably at the Donnie McClurkin concert on Wednesday 18th July.

The Girls performed along with their dancers to a set which included songs like 'Used and Not Owned', 'Thou Art Loosed', 'Missing You' and 'We Aint Got No..' All these tracks are self compositions which will all feature on the Siani Album.

Donnie McClurkin enjoyed Siani's set and gave Siani encouraging words of wisdom after the show. Simone, from the group, commented that he was so down to earth and stated that she was truely honoured to have shared the stage with such an annointed minister of God.

Siani are set to tour the Southern states of USA in August and may have the opportunity of meeting Donnie again over there

PRESS RELEASE 4 - 7th July 2001

Siani are poised to take centre stage to support America's much acclaimed Donnie McLurkin at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon on 18th July 2001.

The group are delighted at the prospect and feel honoured to have been approached to do the show. They promise the British public an exhilarating performance.

Siani have been covering a lot of ground since February this year and have performed in Birmingham, West Bromich, up and down London, Sheffield, Newcastle, Great Yarmouth, St Albans, not to mention their South Africa tour. Siani are set to do further UK shows in Luton, Manchester, Wales and Bristol later this year.

Siani's Management have been approached by contacts in America who want Siani to do a four week tour in August this year, following the demand created by the single which is receiving consistant airplay on U.S. radio. Terms of the tour are under negotiation at present. Siani's Management are obviouslty happy with the way things are progressing and are looking forward to tackling the U.S. market.

Siani are undoubtedly the hottest newcomers to hit the UK this year. They have a wealth of talent and have something very special in store for those who attend the Donnie McLurkin concert. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!

PRESS RELEASE 3 - July 2001

Siani's entrance onto the music scene has taken many by surprise and has caused waves both in and outside of the gospel arena.

Still in their infancy, Siani have toured South Africa, appeared on bills alongside Mis -teeq and damage, appeared on numerous radio interviews, performed on television and are now set to support US best selling artist Donnie McClurkin.

The list continues for Siani and now they boast the official launch of their own website sianimusic.com.

As well as being able to purchase the CD single and book Siani for events, you can gain information on their history and see their individual profiles. There is a flash movie to entertain you as well as information on the 2001 tour. There are more goodies in store including video clips from live performances and monthly giveaways for five lucky subscribers!

Manager Junior Stewart is excited about this latest development and views the site as a vehicle that will develop and grow with Siani, providing a tool to reach individuals all over the world.

Forthcoming Siani dates
29th June 2001 at a Black Tie Ball in Aldershot, organised by Cindy Caesar
29th June 2001 Willesden NTCG Concert
29th June 2001 Gospel Mania's June event.

30th June 2001 Concert at the Sheffield Montgomery theatre at one of Allen Charles' FocuArts events.

2nd July 2001 Summerfest 2001


PRESS RELEASE 2 - 30th May 2001


Siani performed at the Heart 2 Heart International Ministries Gospel Garden Party held in the grounds of Nigel Benns family home.

It was a dream bank holiday monday with the sun shining, guests mingling, kids on the bouncy Castle and Siani performing to the distinguished guests.

Nigel was bowled over with Siani's performance and invited them to sing a further number before they left to perform at another venue in North London.

Amongst other songs, Siani performed their debut single, 'We Aint Got No...', plus the well loved 'Missing You' which is rumoured to be their next single.

Nigel Benn and Pastor Miller(founder Heart 2 Heart ministries International) commented on Siani's exceptional vocals and the strong RnB tracks behind the Gospel Lyrics. They both took the opportunity to book Siani for a similar event taking place later on this year.

Nicholle from Siani stated that at the next event Siani would be performing with their live band, and that things would really begin to sizzle.


PRESS RELEASE 1 - 21st May 2001

"Siani is the name on everyone's lips at the moment. From out of nowhere, it seems, they have burst onto the scene in a blaze of glory!

The reviews on the CD talk for themselves but what are they like live? Can they cut it vocally on the live stage in front of a crowd? Do they posses the energy which oozes from their CD? Have they got the charisma and the presence to captivate a live audience? The answers to all these questions are resounding YES!

Siani have covered a lot of ground since the South Africa tour in February, as you'll see from the 2001 tour dates. But what have they done since?

Well an example was the May bank holiday, which was typically busy for the girls. On the Thursday they were in Newcastle filming for Sky Digital Television. Friday found them in Great Yarmouth, yes Great Yarmouth! And what were they doing there I hear you ask. Well they performed at the infamous Caister Soul Weekender, which has been running some 22 years now. They performed their single to the thousands that were present at the event and were very well received indeed.

On the Saturday Siani performed at the one of Uk's largest networking organisation's annual ball at the Post House Hotel in Regents Park central London

The following day Siani performed at a Christening on their home turf in North West London.

Siani found themselves in Birmingham on bank holiday Monday performing with their live band to over a thousand people at the New Testament Church of God, National Youth Convention at the Bethal Convention Centre in Birmingham. Siani are living by the words of their debut single spreading the good news quickly and effectively.

At their performance at the BCC Noel Robinson gave them an intro worthy of three queens and the auditorium erupted as Siani walked onto the stage. (See how great they looked and Sounded by viewing the video clip - to be posted shortly)

Siani opened with their anthem acapella 'Holy' to wet the crowd's appetite. They moved straight into their well loved Ballard 'Missing you' which is tipped to be their next single (you heard it first hear on this site! Keep it locked for the latest developments, as they break).

The final song was the single, "we ain't got no" and the crowd were in for a big suprise when the Siani dancers burst onto the stage with clinical dance routines which had people standing to their feet rocking to the groove. Siani received rapturous applauds and a standing ovation.

For further information please contact Junior Stewart on 07904 181 880 or email junior@sianimusic.com.

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